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Default Team StarKid

Dream casts for animated versions of the musicals of Team StarKid! Not all of them, just the four that I had ideas for.

This musical's plot is said to combine The Little Mermaid with Aliens in the setting of Starship Troopers. It tells the story of Bug, an alien bug who dreams of being a human so he can be a Starship Ranger. Several actors in the StarKid version played two main characters, so I've double-cast those same roles here.

Bug - Yuri Lowenthal
Commander Up - Fred Tatasciore
Taz / Bugette - Grey DeLisle
Tootsie Noodles / Pincer - Jim Cummings
February - Tara Platt
Junior / Veeto Mosquito - Jeff Bennett
Mega-Girl - Jessica DiCicco
Specs - Nancy Cartwright
Roach - Matthew Mercer
Overqueen / Sweetheart - Kevin Michael Richardson
Krayonder - Sam Riegel
Neato Mosquito - Tara Strong
Mister / Caller Bug - Corey Burton

It's a Batman musical! If it were somehow legal to make an animated adaptation of it, well... that would be fun. Every actor in the StarKid version played multiple characters, I've listed only the prominent ones, but assume that every voice actor in this version will also be playing the minor characters the actor did in the stage version.

Batman - Jeff Bennett
Superman - Jason Marsden
Robin - Will Friedle
Sweet Tooth - Rob Paulsen
Scarecrow / Green Lantern - Phil LaMarr
Commissioner Gordon / Calendar Man - Tara Strong
Penguin / Chief O'Hara - John DiMaggio
Candy / Poison Ivy - Grey DeLisle
Matches / Mr. Freeze - Fred Tatasciore
Sluggers / Evil Sherlock Holmes - Tom Kenny
Riddler / Chase Meridian / Rachel Dawes - Kath Soucie
Catwoman / Pizza Gal - Cree Summer
Vicki Vale - Jennifer Hale
Alfred / Two-Face / Spider-Man - Jim Cummings

Okay, the actual title of the show is "Ani: A Parody", but, again, if making a movie out of it could be legally worked out, of course we'd have to riff on the "A Star Wars Story" subtitle. This story is told in the style of an 80s sports movie, and features Darth Vader having a mid-life crisis and going back into podracing. In the case of Vader and Palpatine, I took the route of casting the VA whom the actor in the StarKid version was obviously impersonating.

Darth Vader - Patrick Warburton
Moff Tarkin - David Warner
Mara Jade - Scarlett Johansson
Jar Jar Binks - Ahmed Best
Emily the Stormtrooper - Kate Micucci
Sebulba - Travis Willingham
Boba Fett - David Spade
Emperor Palpatine - Gilbert Gottfried
Obi-Wan Kenobi - James Arnold Taylor
Oola - Olivia Olson

StarKid's tenth musical is a story about cavepeople, most of them women, and their discovery of fire. It was very story and music driven, to the point where StarKid's usual style of humor felt incredibly out of place in the script. Given the emphasis on music, most of my dream cast consist of singers, who tend to make better voice actors than you'd expect.

Zazzalil - Kimbra
Jemilla - Lena Hall
Keeri - Britney Spears
Molag - Anika Noni Rose
Emberly - Kate Micucci
Grunt - Taye Diggs
Schwoopsie - Idina Menzel
Ducker - Tom Hiddleston
Tiblyn - Zendaya
Smelly-Balls - Gotye
Chorn - Sia
Clark - Josh Groban
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