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Default Re: Your Top FUNimation Dubs

Originally Posted by huzaifa_ahmed View Post
I would say that for DB, it's one of their worst. I'd say Kai is a drastic improvement even though it's still a big compromise compared to the dub process in general.
I still like the dub for OG DB, but Kai onwards is where the dub really shines.
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Default Re: Your Top FUNimation Dubs

Originally Posted by darknessflamegeass View Post
I still like the dub for OG DB, but Kai onwards is where the dub really shines.
Well, they keep the music for OG DB, & I do dig that, but they still were casting by the skin of their teeth (& totally alone, without involvement from the showrunners), plus the script is still radically different. Also their actors, while drastic improvements from Z, were still pretty green.

In Kai, their are still issues with the old miscastings & mistranslations, because that dub was a cash cow & they presume it has a lot of influence, so they keep all that. Obviously I appreciate that the script is (generally) a decent-to-good translation. & it prints money for FUNi through nostalgic attachment.

But in terms of objectively being a good adaptation of the show...it still isn't.
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Default Re: Your Top FUNimation Dubs

It's hard for me to come up with a strict order, particularly when it comes to comparing dubs in mind that both haven't been heard in a long time (might be able to come up with a definite order if I went through all of them again, but I hardly have the time to rewatch so many shows lately). But these are the ones that stick out as my top ten in rough order:

Princess Jellyfish
El Cazador de la Bruja
Summer Wars
High School DxD
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
B Gata H Kei

There are probably some other high favorites from FUNi that are slipping my mind, and of course, there are a ton that of FUNimation dubs that I want to try but have yet to do so.
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Default Re: Your Top FUNimation Dubs

The original "Fullmetal Alchemist" holds a special place in my heart for being my first anime I only saw dubbed.

As for the present, "Fairy Tail" is one for me for certain, as it's the only series I've seen that's lasted longer than 65 episodes that I dedicated myself to watching subbed and dubbed in its entirety. Even the most painfully awkward moments from the anime were transformed into something truly memorable thanks to Funimation's hard work. Even with actors who still feel somewhat weak for their roles, I refuse to see Gray's insane attempt at achieving flight any other way but in English.
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Thumbs up Re: Your Top FUNimation Dubs

As far as Funimation's dubs go, I'd say Fairy Tail and Yu Yu Hakusho clearly have an unfathomable amount of dedication to them considering they are such long serieses with so many characters, but the fact that Funimation was able to provide them with solid consistenly dubbing for so many episodes. Especially with Fairy Tail considering that it's almost twice as long as Yu Yu Hakusho. Same thing goes for the Steins;Gate dub. And I consider Jormungand and Future Diary to have great dubs too. And the script for the dubs of each show seems to fit with English language dialogue much better than the subtitles did, especially in Fairy Tail and Steins;Gate's cases. The subtitles tended to have lines that wouldn't make sense for English speaking audiences so the dub rewrites the lines so that they do. And the voice acting was stellar too. And recently I've been enjoying their CardCaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc and Drifters dubs.

And I'm not sure if these count as Funimation dub because they were not the initial default dubbers for these shows, but I'd say I love what they did with Hellsing Ultimate and Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail. They knew that both of those dubs were highly beloved as they were, so they went out of their way to get the old cast and crew for each dub back. The fact that they went out of their way to re-use the old casts and crews for Black Lagoon and Hellsing deserves praise for Funimation.
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Default Re: Your Top FUNimation Dubs

The best Funimation dub is Panty and Stocking. No doubt about it.
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