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Smile Hello! Introduction.

I found this site like 5 years ago but never became active because I'm a dude with an androgynous to feminine voice and I was embarrassed about wanting to voice female characters.

I'm a bit older now and decided if I enjoy it, I should just do it. I want to become active in the casting calls and the forums! Maybe I can make some friends, have fun, and even learn what it takes to become a professional!

Quick question; does updating my e-mail in the forum update my e-mail for the casting calls? If not, how do I do that?
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Default Re: The "Say Hello to Everyone" Introduction MEGA THREAD for New Members

Hello My name is Kest_XJ61 I've always had fascination for Voice acting! even though things been rough at the moment i Hope i can Start to Shine out and perhaps one day Do Freelance Work at Funimation....
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It's time to oil up
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Default Re: The "Say Hello to Everyone" Introduction MEGA THREAD for New Members

A bit late, but a hearty welcome to SaltierThanThou, Michael Wills, "But Still", crazy dubs, Skyrish19, wayc and Kest! Enjoy your stay on the site!
"Be rad unto each other." - Jesus,
The Bible
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Dear Meitantei VA
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Default Re: The "Say Hello to Everyone" Introduction MEGA THREAD for New Members


Hello! My name is Zaya, otherwise known as Dear Meitantei VA!

I'm 19 years old and I love anime, video games, and anime/video game abridged series. I've been watching anime for 9 years.

I used to do voice acting lots, until I began taking testosterone (I am a transgender male, he/him), and my voice changed so much I decided to stop. I decided I really want to get back into it -- it brings me so much joy and it's just so much fun!

I've been told by several people I do still somewhat have a feminine voice, so I may try for some female roles if I can get them, but I'm mostly going to stick to male roles!

A bit about me personally:

I'm in medical training school. Afterwords, I'm going to be a medical assistant! Besides watching anime and playing video games, I love to sing, draw, do photography shoots, write, and cosplay.

My favorite anime is Code Geass, and my favorite video game is Danganronpa V3 (the whole franchise is absolutely lovely).

Some other animes I absolutely adore just to give you a few:

Meitantei Conan, Magic Kaito 1412, Durarara!!, Mirai Nikki, FullMetal Alchemist, Danganronpa, and Blue Exorcist.

I look forward to meeting you and/or working with you all! ^.^

--Dear Meitantei VA (Zaya)
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