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Default SAG updates its dubbing contract for the first time in two decades

So it looks like SAG has finally updated its dubbing contract. A few years ago they made a new one especially for Netflix, but the general use one has remained unchanged since 2001. It set the voice actors pay at around $60-62 per hour, with a few annual increases built in so it stagnated at $64.25 per hour sometime in the 00s. (There were also some modest increases for productions intended for network TV and theatrical release, and a two hour session minimum payment.)

Looking at the new one, which is available for perusal on SAG's website, it takes effect in January next year and divides productions into two categories:

CATEGORY I: $130.50 per hour

This is for productions shown in movie theatres, on prime time network television (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC), and on paid streaming services with 15+ mil subscribers in North America (so... Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime?)

CATEGORY II: $87.00 per hour

Anything not covered by Category I.

There is also supposed to be 5% increase in these wages every year thereafter.

Now, this would normally not be a huge change, since union dubs are mainly done by Netflix, but it looks like there might be an expectation from VAs that studios will increase their non-union wages to match (from the current $75 per hour.)

Marin Miller in particular is calling for VAs to demand Category I wages, which seems a bit optimistic to me. The $12 bump to Cat II looks more realistic, but I imagine given the competitive nature of the landscape studios won't be thrilled about it. It'll be curious to see how this will play out, if the studios will just concede or the VAs will have to try to organize some sort of boycott.
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