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Post GetBackers

Decided to come up with a new cast if GetBackers were to ever get an anime remake in the near future, espeically one that does adapt the later Manga arcs such as Marine Red, Divine Design, and Voodoo Kingdom. For now here's what I got in mind:

Ban Midou Jason Liebrecht (I feel like he's the only VA from the ADV Films dub that would reprise, maybe even willing to voice in a LA dub considering Ban is his debut role)
Ginji Amano Griffin Burns
Kazuki Fuuchuin Lucien Dodge
Shido Fuyuki Ray Chase
Himiko Kudou Lauren Landa
Kurodou Akabane Keith Silverstein
Hevn Veronica Taylor
Paul Wang Joe J. Thomas
Natsumi Mizuki Brianna Knickerbocker
Madoka Otowa Stephanie Sheh
Clayman Amanda Celine Miller
Makubex Kyle McCarley
Masaki Kurusu Richard Epcar
Juubei Kakei Ben Diskin
Sakura Kakei - Kira Buckland
Haruki Emishi Robbie Daymond
Gen Radou Kirk Thornton
Ren Radou Erica Mendez
Toshiki Uryuu Xander Mobus
Takuma Fudou Lex Lang
Kyoji Kagami Grant George
Teshimine Takeru Marc Diraison
Maria Noches - Wendee Lee
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Default Re: GetBackers

~pre-lay mullet~
Ban Mido - Jason Liebrecht
Ginji Amano - Bryce Papenbrook

Kazuki Fuuchouin - Todd Haberkorn
Shido Fuyuki - Kaiji Tang
Makube X - Nika Futterman
Masaki Kurusu - Sean Schemmel
Himiko Kudo - Amanda Celine Miller
Kuroudo Akabane - Chris Hackney
Hevn - Carrie Keranen
Paul Wang - Troy Baker
Natsumi Mizuki - Abby Trott
Madoka Otowa - Xanthe Huynh
Clayman - Debi Derryberry
Gouzou Maguruma - Travis Willingham
Juubei Kakei - Max Mittleman
Haruki Emishi - Kirk Thornton
Sakura Kakei - Lisa Ortiz
Gen Radou - Jamieson Price
Ren Radou - Lauren Landa
Toshiki Uryuu - Kyle Hebert
Kaoru Ujiie - Cristina Vee
Jouya Kanou - Kyle McCarley
Kyouji Kagami - Clifford Chapin
Takuma Fudo - Bill Rogers
Ryudou Hishiki - DC Douglas
Natsuhiko Mirou - Chris Tergliafera
Hikage Miroku - Keith Silverstein
Ukyou Miroku - Ben Diskin
Tsubaki Miroku - Marc Diraison
Tokisada Miroku - Sean Chiplock
Kirara Miroku - Laura Post
Yukihiko Miroku - Colleen O'Shaughnessey

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Default Re: GetBackers

The Netflix redub of Neon Genesis Evangelion was what partially inspired me to make a redub Dream Cast
for this anime.

I intend for this cast to be used either for a reboot/remake of the anime, or a redub of the original anime.
If it's a redub, I'd like to imagine it being released around 2022 or 2023.

Whether it's a redub or the dub for a reboot/remake,
I'd like to imagine this dub being included on all video releases following its completion, preferably with the original dub.
I also imagine it to be used for Netflix and other streaming services.

I haven't read the manga, and I don't intend to.
Therefore, don't expect me to include any manga-exclusive characters.

Studio Location:
Los Angeles (includes Bang Zoom, Studiopolis, SDI Media and VSI Group)

> Ban Midou: Billy Kametz

> Ginji Amano: Sean Chiplock

> Hevn: Amber Lee Connors

> Kazuki Fuuchouin: Lucien Dodge

> Shido Fuyuki: Kaiji Tang

> Paul Wan: Richard Epcar

> MakubeX: Casey Mongillo

> Juubei Kakei: Jonah Scott

> Natsumi Mizuki: Ryan Bartley

> Kuroudo Akabane: Ben Diskin

> Himiko Kudou: Erica Lindbeck

I'll probably add more characters some other time.

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