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Post F-Zero

Los Angeles Cast

Red Gazelle - Lucien Dodge (With GX's voice effects)
Jody Summer - Amanda Winn-Lee
Dr. Stewart - Dave Mallow or Gideon Emery
Baba - Keith Silverstein
Samurai Goroh - Travis Willingham
Pico - Sam Riegel
Captain Falcon - Marc Diraison
Octoman- Spike Spencer (Similar to Arakune)
Mr. EAD - Dave B. Mitchell
James McCloud - Roger Craig Smith
Billy - Quinton Flynn (Zhong Hui's voice is a great choice IMO)
Kate Alen - Bridget Hoffman or Erica Luttrell
Zoda- David Vincent (Similar to Jin Kisaragi with GX's voice effects)
Jack Levin - Max Mittelman
Bio Rex - Daran Norris (His Venom springs to mind) or Michael Sinterniklaas
The Skull - Steve Staley (His voice with GX's voice effects would be awesome IMO)
Antonio Guster - Peter Lurie
Beastman - Matthew Mercer
Leon - Henry Dittman
Super Arrow - Dave Wittenberg (DW6's Yuan Shao) or Cam Clarke (Fates's Arthur)
Mrs. Arrow - Tara Platt
Gomar - Brian Beacock
Shioh - Michael Yurchak
Silver Neelsen - Alan Shearman (Similar to Huang Zhong) or Kirk Thornton
Michael Chain - Chris Jai Alex
Blood Falcon - Marc Diraison
John Tanaka - Jason C. Lee
Draq - Kyle Hebert
Roger Buster - Imari Williams
Dr. Clash - Paul Eiding/Wally Wingert
Black Shadow - DC Douglas
Deathborn - J. David Brimmer
Lucy Liberty - Hynden Walch
Luna Ryder - Dorothy Fahn
Lisa Brilliant - Ali Hillis
Rick Wheeler - Sean Chiplock
Clank Hughes (Younger) - Kari Wahlgren
Clank Hughes (Older) - Derek Stephen Prince

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Default Re: F-Zero

So me and a couple mates were spitballing and joking around about how RGG Studio is made from the devs at Amusement Vision who made F-Zero GX, so we started joking about an F-Zero Yakuza game, before we suddenly realized, hey, this is actually a CRAZY GOOD idea. People keep talking about if Platinum made F-Zero God Hand? And then we realized, we want THIS. So that made me start thinking about what the cast would be like, like how HGG uses actual Yakuza cast members, and, well, here we go.

Captain Falcon: Ryo Horikawa (c'mon, we all agreed he MUST stay)

Dr. Stewart: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Pico: Kazuhiro Nakaya
Samurai Goroh: Hidenari Ugaki
Jody Summer: Aya Hisakawa
James McCloud: Rikiya Koyama
Dr. Clash: Shunsuke Sakuya
Zoda: Koichi Yamadera
The Skull: Nobutoshi Canna
Super Arrow: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Mrs. Arrow: Miyuki Sawashiro
Kate Alen: Maaya Sakamoto
Lily Flyer: Rie Kugimiya
Mr. EAD: Naomi Kusumi
Blood Falcon: Ryo Horikawa

Black Shadow: Takaya Kuroda
Deathborn: Masami Iwasaki

Obviously not all of these are actually based on their Yakuza counterparts (e.g. Nakaya's Pico would be his Hardin, not Nishiki), but overall I'm REALLY happy with how this turns out. Not to blow my own horn, but Kuroda would be a freaking fantastic Black Shadow.

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