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Default Kung Fu Panda

Yet another casting distortion, courtesy of me.

Po - Wally Wingert
Monkey - James Sie
Viper - Kath Soucie
Tigress - Kari Wahlgren
Shifu - Fred Tatasciore
Tai Lung - Pat Fraley
Vachir - Kevin Michael Richardson
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Default Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Japanese Dub

Po - Tomokazu Seki
Shifu - Kenichi Ogata
Tigress - Paku Romi
Viper - Rie Kugimiya
Monkey - Hiroya Ishimaru
Mantis - Takuya Kirimoto
Crane - Mitsuaki Madono
Mr. Ping - Naoki Tatsuta
Oogway - Kousei Tomita
Zeng / Fung - Wataru Takagi
Gah-ri - Masato Kokubun
Scorpion - Miyuki Sawashiro
Temutai - Kenta Miyake
Taotie - Youhei Tadano
Bian Zao - Noriaki Sugiyama
Peng - Han Megumi
Tai Lung - Akira Nakao
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Default Re: Kung Fu Panda

Considering I just saw the 3rd movie this weekend, I figured why not make a fan cast? I'll only stick to the characters who were in the movies since I haven't seen that much of the Legends of Awesomeness cartoon.

Kung Fu Panda (Ocean)

Richard Ian Cox - Po
Lisa Ann Beley - Tigress
Ian James Corlett - Crane
Ted Cole - Monkey
Bill Mondy - Mantis
Sharon Alexander - Viper
Ron Halder - Shifu

Hiro Kanagawa - Oogway
Brian Drummond - Mr. Ping

Lee Tockar - Zeng
Mark Gibbon - Commander Vachir

Gerard Plunkett - Tai Lung

Mark Oliver - Lord Shen
Scott McNeil - Wolf Boss

Michael Kopsa - Master Thundering Rhino
Blu Mankuma - Master Ox
Dale Wilson - Master Croc
Ellen Kennedy - The Soothsayer

Richard Newman - Kai

Paul Dobson - Li Shan
Tabitha St. Germain - Mei Mei
Claire Corlett - Lei Lei
Bronwen Holmes - Bao
Shirley Millner - Grandma
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Default General DreamWorks thread

Decided to do a thread for any and all DreamWorks fancasts. First up...

Kung Fu Panda
Po - Mick Wingert
Master Shifu - Jim Cummings
Master Tigress - Holly Dorff
Master Crane - Wally Wingert, Keith Ferguson or James Arnold Taylor
Master Monkey - Eric Bauza
Master Mantis - Dave B. Mitchell or Michael Patrick Bell
Master Viper - Lauren Tom
Mr. Ping - Eric Bauza
Grand Master Oogway - Jeff Bennett
Tai Lung - Andre Sogliuzzo
Commander Valchir - Kevin Michael Richardson
Lord Shen - Jeff Bennett
Soothsayer - Tress MacNeille
Master Storming Ox - John Eric Bentley
Master Croc - Andre Sogliuzzo
Master Thundering Rhino - Jason Issacs
Li - Fred Tatasciore
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Default Re: Kung Fu Panda

Po = Lewis Lovhaug
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Default Re: Kung Fu Panda

Po - Chris Pratt
Tigress - Scarlet Johansson
Shifu - George Takei
Mantis - Benedict Cumberbatch
Monkey - Benedict Wong
Viper - Ming Na
Crane - Bowen Yang
Tai Lung - Mads Mikkelson
Mr Ping - Donnie Yen
Oogway - Chow Yun Fat
Zeng - James Arnold Taylor
Commander Vachir - Isaac C Singleton Jr

Additional voices - Matthew Mercer, Troy Baker, James Arnold Taylor, Jon Olson, Eric Bauza, Kelly Hu, Jon Olsen, Daran Norris, Robbie Daymond, John Olson, Isaac C Singleton Jr, Robbie Ross, John Olsen, Fred Tatasciore, Sumalee Montano, Robbie Rist, Jen Olsen, Lauren Tom, Jennifer Hale, Khary Payton, Ice-T, Kevin Michael Richardson, Will Friedle, and Jon Olson
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Default Re: Kung Fu Panda

NGL, I like the idea of Scarlett as Tigress.
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