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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default The Little Prince (CG series)

I'm currently watching this show for a request thread. Unless there are some named background characters that go uncredited, I think I'll be okay. The biggest issue, beyond the time commitment, is that season 3 is hard to come by. Everyone is credited alongside their characters ... but I ran into a hitch.

The Planet of Jade story arc credits Cole Howard as Nickel. Listen to a clip of Nickel speaking. That doesn't sound like Cole Howard and he agrees. That sounds like Andrew Francis to me.

This show has a very large cast of guest characters with unique actors. It's not hard to believe someone just mixed up a few roles by mistake. I'm not too familiar Kristie Marsden, but that's definitely Brad Swaile as Mica and I'm pretty sure that's Nicole Oliver, so I think Nickel is the only one miscredited in those episodes. The weirdest thing is that Andrew Francis is not mentioned in the credits (at least for season 1 and 2) at all. Cole Howard isn't mentioned again either.

I know Cole's voice well enough to be able to pick him out if he shows up in future episodes, but it's a weird situation.
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Default Re: The Little Prince (CG series)

I think you hit the nail on the head.
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Default Re: The Little Prince (CG series)

Yup that's totally Andrew Francis.
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Default Re: The Little Prince (CG series)

Nickel shows up again in the third season. In those episodes, he's properly credited to Andrew Francis.
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