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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Re: Porco Rosso: 199? JAL Dub

Well, I finally managed to get a hold of a proper rip so I’ll replace my older uploads with ones with better sound ASAP.

Piccolo and the Fuel Station Manager are definitely the same person:

Old guy’s voice is goofy, hard to identify:

Fio + two miscellaneous female voices, possibly Lynn Harris based on vocal similarities:
Lynn Harris voice demo for comparison:

Telephone guy and Radio guy are definitely the same person, I’m inclined to agree with one of the previous posters that this could be Barry Gjerde:

Gina, possibly Carolyn Miller based on vocal similarities:
Carolyn Miller voice demo for comparison:

These clips are of various minor male voices, posting them because they don’t have any ridiculous cartoon accents which will make identifying their voice actors much easier than the main cast.

EDIT: Okay update time. I’m gonna post this here so I don’t lose it later.
I found Barry Gjerde’s old personal website from the early ‘00s on Internet Archive (, his resume credits him with playing four roles in the dub but doesn’t specify any in particular or if he played Porco. I’ve also found another minor character he plays which is the Watchtower Announcer at the dogfight gathering. Unless Gjerde has a bad memory (which he probably doesn’t considering the stuff he could recall in his Resident Evil interview) and/or has a much bigger vocal range than I anticipated, I have now come to the conclusion Barry Gjerde is NOT Porco.

One new voice I think I’ve identified is the Fuel Station Boy who sounds kind of similar to a “man” voice done by Rumiko Varnes in a voice demo reel on her personal website. I’ve sent her an email with a link to the character’s lines and am wanting for a response. Thoughts?

Fuel Boy:
Rumiko Varnes voice demo, specifically the voice at around 2:15 in “Characters”:

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Default Re: Porco Rosso: 199? JAL Dub

Sorry to double post but my above post was getting kinda crowded.

I’ve had no reply from Varnes, but I’d say her “man” voice on her website is close enough to what you hear in the dub.

I think I found a fit for Curtiss’ voice, Walter Roberts who came to Japan in 1992 so he at least fits the timeline. Since Curtiss as a character has a southern accent, there aren’t much of Walter’s roles that sound similar to Curtiss but I did find a few clips on his YouTube channel I thought sounded similar to Curtiss.

JAL Curtiss:

Walter Roberts roles:

I was gonna put this here earlier but I was in a hurry. This next bit is more of a theory, I’ve recently been thinking about Robert Belgrade possibly being Porco. He doesn’t have it credited on his website (I’d doubt he’d remember) and no role of his is really a 1:1 fit to Porco’s voice in the dub but I thought it might be a theory worth bringing up (He came to Japan in 1990 for reference). I’ll let you decide though.

JAL Porco:
Robert Belgrade’s normal voice:
Belgrade as Alucard:
Belgrade as Cao Cao:

Even if Belgrade isn’t Porco, the guy who voiced Porco probably also voiced the purple jumpsuit pirate who says: “That’s him up there in the Sun. As usual”. The voice is basically the same but with a European accent.

Nope, asked Belgrade about this via email and he said no. Back to the drawing board.

Probably should have put these here together a while ago.

Kidnapped Girls:
I’m gonna take a guess and say the girls are all Rumiko Varnes.

Mama Aiuto Gang:
Only one of these I can guess is the Tail Gunner guy who sounds like a couple of Jack Merluzzi roles

Miscellaneous Pirates:
One of the blond moustache pirates sounds like whoever voices Piccolo, not sure who anyone else is.

Voice is pretty plain so I don’t know who it could be.

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Default Re: Porco Rosso: 199? JAL Dub

Thought I’d give an update after the severs changed.

Updated Cast List:
Porco: ???
Fio Piccolo: Lynn Harris (Highly likely)
Donald Curtis: possibly Walter Roberts (Assumption based a handful of Robert’s roles found on his YouTube channel, no official confirmation)
Gina: Carolyn Miller (Likely, assumption based on vocal similarities to a voice demo on YouTube)
Mr Piccolo: ???
Mama Auito Gang Captain: ???
Kidnapped Girls: Lynn Harris (Highly likely, I feel so stupid for not coming to this conclusion sooner)

Additional Voices:
Telephone Voice, Radio Narrator, Munitions Engineer, Watchtower Announcer: Barry Gjerde (CONFIRMED)

Maxwell: Jeff Manning (Highly likely)

Mediterranean Queen Loudspeaker, Fuel Station Waitress: Lynn Harris (Highly likely)

Fuel Boy: Rumiko Varnes (Likely, assumption based on a “man” Voice from a voice demo on her website. I emailed her about this but got no response)

Bank Teller: possibly Mike Worman or Don Johnson (the Frontier one, not the Miami Vice one, assumption based on vocal similarities to their other voice work)

Toothbrush Mustache Pirate: possibly William Ross (Assumption, has only one line so not much to go off of)


Unknown Voice Analysis:
The person with a voice closest to Porco’s I have come across is comedian Patrick Harlan who came to Tokyo in 1996 (Aged 25/6). In all footage I’ve found of him speaking English he has a naturally deep voice similar to that of Porco in the dub. He’s said in interviews that in order to get jobs in Japan he simply told people he worked as a “DJ, narrator, actor, model and voice actor” which he wasn’t, though he was pursuing acting in particular.

Japanese Wikipedia credits him as appearing in at least one episode of some long running Japanese TV show in 1996 as well (said show started in 1990 and is still running, a soap opera perhaps).

If he was in it, then the dub would’ve had to have been produced in early 1996 (he’s never said exactly when he arrived in Tokyo to my knowledge) as the dub was first released on LD in August 1996, although I don’t know when exactly the dub started being shown on JAL flights as no-one on the Internet has provided any first-hand knowledge of seeing it on any flights. Add to the fact that both the dubbing studio (Frontier or whoever dubbed it) and JAL would’ve almost certainly never would’ve kept any documents regarding the dub since there was no union for foreign voice actors at the time.

By 1996, it had been 4 years since the movie was released before the dub was released on LD but if it was indeed dubbed in 1996 this wouldn’t be unusual as studios such as Frontier wouldn’t get most jobs to dub anime until several years after said anime’s release. In the case of Arcadia of My Youth (1982) it was apparently both dubbed and released in edited form the same year (1987). Coincidentally, Lanny Broyles who starred as Harlock also arrived in Tokyo the same year it seems, based on what Bladez has said elsewhere.

Patrick Harlan’s normal voice:

Patrick Harlan in Resident Evil Survivor:

Patrick Harlan as Narrator in Little Charo (0:45 - 0:50):

Porco samples:

If Porco was not voiced by Harlan, the only other Tokyo guys I know of who might’ve been able to pull off a voice similar to Porco are Lanny Broyles (, Walter Carroll ( and perhaps Richard Nieskens, though he was probably living in Hong Kong at this point. Unfortunately Harlan doesn’t seem to have any offical website or social media profile (In English) to contact him.

As stated earlier, I believe Curtiss could’ve been voiced by Walter Roberts who came to Tokyo in 1992. Due to the characters’ southern accent, not a lot of Robert’s voicework really goes in the direction of Curtiss but there are a few roles of his that sound Curtiss-like. I asked Roberts if the role sounded familiar to him on YouTube and he said he’d be interested in hearing samples to jog his memory, I sent him a link with samples but he never responded though he’s probably busy with acting and teaching. He has a website that you could try contacting him through, though it seems to be glitched/broken as clicking on certain links or trying to type an email simply reloads the page.

Curtiss Samples (I thought one of the Pirate Captains also sounded similar so I included some samples of him as well):

Roberts in Bloody Roar 4:

Roberts in various anime shorts:

Roberts Voice Demo:

I also think there’s a chance he might’ve voiced Ferrari:

Mr Piccolo:
I get the feeling Piccolo was voiced by the same person who voiced Porco, just a feeling. But if they were played by seperate people I’d say Piccolo sounds most similar to Lanny Broyles. Whoever voiced him also definitely voiced the Blond Pirate who says: “You know us Gina! We wouldn’t fight within a 50 mile radius! Yes, we wouldn’t do that!” as well as the Fuel Station Manager.

Piccolo samples (NOTE: I accidentally left in Porco’s line “Let her rip!” at the end thinking it was Piccolo, honest mistake):

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