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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Re: Berserk (2016)

Originally Posted by Nightmare Crusher View Post
Agreed on Bill being Corkus.

I also want to push for GK being Charlotte once again for two big reasons.

1. They brought back CCS as the King of Midland, her father, for his almost nonexistent amount of lines.

2. Far as I can tell GK Bowes is not a BZ regular at all. That would suggest to me her being here has some purpose. Reprising Charlotte would be a good enough reason, they probably handed her another character to justify the decision.*

*While CCS from what I remember did nothing besides the King here, he's in BZ dubs regularly enough that I can believe they had him do it while recording for another show entirely.
Not to be too patternz-y, but I agree. GK Bowes was Collette in episode 1, who promptly dies. So she's not a major character. This dub isn't as terrible as I expected but it doesn't exactly pull in a lot of non-BZ regulars, which makes her stand out. Pretty much every recurring character does some walla, even if they had a fairly substantial role. GK stepping in for Charlotte quickly makes sense to me.

Personally I don't think it sounds like Williams and Occam's Razor puts it more towards it being GK rather than Mendez.
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