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Default VAs with unique natural voices

Have you ever looked up a voice actor to see what their natural voice sounds like, only to discover that the cartoonish voice they use most of the time IS their natural voice? And it just blows your mind to comprehend the idea of a person sounding like that naturally?

Here are a few voice actors I can think of who have really unique and unusual natural voices.

Sterling Holloway
Richard Steven Horvitz
LilyPichu (a YouTuber who sounds like Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls)

Any others?
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Jared Delgado
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Default Re: VAs with unique natural voices

He's not a voice actor, but I could say Jacksepticeye; he sounds like a cartoon without meaning to.
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Default Re: VAs with unique natural voices

Thurop van Orman. When I saw a video of a Gravity Falls panel he was at, I did not expect his Gideon voice to be his actual speaking voice, just without the accent.
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