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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Super Grand Prix

Super Grand Prix

US Release: 1987

I'll start with just the male characters for now:

Sean Corrigan
Richard Rossner (a.k.a. Ric Ross)

Niki Lauda
John H. Mayer

Aces Tanaka
John H. Mayer

Richard 'The King' Rossner

John H. Mayer

Goichiro Katori
John H. Mayer

Richard Rossner

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Default Re: Super Grand Prix

Originally Posted by millicent View Post
I'll start with just the male characters for now:
Forgot one of the male characters:
The Narrator (no image) [naturally] - John H. 'Xerxes Tire-Iron Dada' Mayer

And onto the female characters/male characters played by women:

Kathy Ritter (as Kathy Ward) - Clip as Rosie from Chucklewood Critters

Kathy Ritter (as Kathy Ward) - Clip as Rusty from Chucklewood Critters (think she's doing all the female/boy parts ala Marla in Magnos and well... a lot of other things besides) [this, while not given a dub copyright year, was presumably produced at the same time as Magnos {same dub production team}, so perhaps they swapped out Paul Ross and Marla to vary up an already limited cast]

Sumiko Kuruma
Again, that's just Ritter. Given that all the Force Five shows, episodes 3-4 of Captains Future and Harlock, the FHE King Arthur anime, Candy Candy, every other Jim Terry show (least from the 80s), and the whole 3B catalog (Tranzor Z, Shadow World, Starbirds, Brain 17, Sword of the Space Ark, Daddy Long Legs) all featured this "2 men and a woman," "2 men and 2 women," "3 men and 1 woman" (Tranzor Z), "3 men and 2 women" or some rare permutation of the fourth (Shadow World with 6 men and 2 women for instance)... I maintain my theory that some economic factors kept certain dub productions of the day quite restricted in their ability to add another actor, with a nationally syndicated show like Voltron unwilling to have even one additional actress come in when BJ Ward simply couldn't do any more voices regardless of the resulting sound. Even for a show as soullessly corporate-design-by-committee as the Voltron dub, I'm sure the producers were cringing at that and presumably were hindered by the cost of adding another union actor to the payroll simply being much higher than that of contemporary Harmony Gold, paying their actors 35-ish an hour, resulting in Robotech having a dub cast size comparable to your average production from today.
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