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Default Re: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" (2019)

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
No way. Spider-Man 3 is a cinematic masterpiece. Just like Fantastic Four and Fant4stic!
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Default Re: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" (2019)

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
No way. Spider-Man 3 is a cinematic masterpiece. Just like Fantastic Four and Fant4stic!
The Editorís Cut of Spider-Man 3 is actually a pretty good movie.

In any case, the original is still a way better movie than either of those other two you listed.
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Default Re: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" (2019)

Shrek 3 and At World's End or bust.
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Default Re: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" (2019)

I thought the movie was okay.
I did not like the first third of it, it felt like when a sitcom has the cast go on vacation. Give off that kinda corny vibe to me. Peterís feelings toward MJ just come out of nowhere in the beginning, there is nothing in the first movie that indicated he liked her and now the first thing he says in this movie is how he likes her. Also, while they played off each other well I didnít buy them as a couple, say what you want about the Amazing films but that Peter had chemistry with Gwen and I didnít feel that with these two.
The main cast did a great job but the side characters I found annoying after a while. Also JB Smooth was just kinda...there. Actually felt like he wasnít in the movie originally and just walked on set and just let him stay. He had some funny lines, naturally, but most of them came off as ďand remember, Iím also hereĒ.
And my final real negative; what happened to Karen? She was kinda a big deal in Homecoming but we get EDITH and no mention of Karen. Shame, I liked her.
That said, once the twist with Mysterio happens (Well ďtwistĒ in that he acts like Mysterio) and thatís when I feel like the movie really picks up.
And man, THAT scene. The scene I always wanted a movie with Mysterio to have, some of the best visuals Iíve seen in a movie in a while. The only really downside is that we only get it once in this movie. Sure, we get it a little near the end and it was short yet sweet but I would have loved to see that get explored more.
Also that ending is such a Spiderman thing and Iím excited to see where that goes.

Overal, I think itís an Okay movie with some great moments sprinkled in. Iím sure itís hard since this is like the 7th Spider-Man movie so a lot of action had a ďbeen thereĒ feel to it even despite them doing some twists. Also Ned was the secret star of this movie letís be honest.
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