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Lightbulb A project for voice actors, too?

Since there's no introduction thread I can find (admittedly, my eyes are tired, but I swear, I looked), I'll just say "hi!" in here. Hope nobody minds!

My name is Henry, and I am NOT a voice actor. Did some acting a while back, but these days, I am a teacher on extended leave, and a writer. The writing started a while back but went on hiatus when my dad got ill, and was rebooted in late '18. It's time travel stuff, and looks to become the world's longest (real) novel when done.

Aaaand none of that is really of any interest to VAs. Except that back in the day, I frequented the VAA forums (now gone, sadly), posting short stories for anyone to freely use for demo reels and the like. I enjoyed the insight into the industry, and greatly enjoyed hearing people use the stories, and hearing about HOW they used the stories! And now, I aim to start that up again. But I need to learn how VAs on other forums think about projects like mine before talking too loudly about it. So for now, I'm sticking to this one thread, just to respect the fact that this is not really an industry I have real experience with or a place in.

Anyway, about the project (I'm a writer, I ramble, sorry...). Ot's a time travel story, designed to help other writers write their own stories in the same universe. I'm actually a teacher by profession, and do creative writing courses, and especially young aspiring writers feel more comfortable writing in established universes (see fanfiction for sooo many examples!). So I'm making one! Plenty of genres and styles are possible, with time travel and all. Then, someone made some art for the stories over on DeviantArt, and I am now planning to let people freely use the stories for illustrated editions, to promote their art. Then someone asked if it was okay to use it for comics (comicbook artists always look for writers, since they like to focus on the art), and a couple of architecture students even suggested futuristic buildings in the stories could be used for architecture "let's imagine" projects. I like the ideas.

As for VAs... What would you like? Back on the VAA forum, it was just short stories, and people seemed to enjpy those a lot. I am completely overhauling the project, but I will do shorts soon, too (sooner, if people seem tickled by the prospect!). Right now, I'm 5 chapters and 250K words (yes, you read that right) into the main novel. It's all freely available for browsing at EmbassyOfTime.com (still very much under construction, though). If you have ideas, questions, dark secrets about snail husbandtry or anything else of interest, let me know, I'm here to listen, not talk (he wrote, after having written a small novella of a post...).

Sorry about the rant, it's late, I'm a writer, and I'm nervous about entering a new community. I'll leave it here and go hide behind my recliner
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