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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Re: Who One Piece: Pirates Carnival's Marshall D. Teach really is!

Originally Posted by Kirbopher View Post
I just came across his wikipedia page today and he's got "additional voices" credits for tons of other shows with no sources...but it also feels too random to just be fake? I have no idea. Found his instagram as well.
Originally Posted by whyofbladez View Post
I'm seeing all sorts of credits on it that make no real sense and without a source I feel inclined to write off as rubbish; namely "The Rugrats Movie", "Cars", "Gargoyles" and "Xiaolin Showdown".
Still a shame that many actors in the NYC area have been subjected to roles they never had before. Not to mention the fake names. Remember Matt Davidson? The voice actor that never existed?

As for Chris not remembering, I can understand some trouble at the memory banks, since A) It's been at least a decade; and B) Most of the voices in the dub that were not credited, are unknown or people that were new to the business. Not gonna give up though. Even if I have to show him some reference clips and show off those clips to any agency in NYC if I have to.

And on the topic of Mr. Collet: how did you know that the poor sap in "Sleepaway Camp" went under the Andrew Paull alias?
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