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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Langrisser Mobile (Vancouver)

Just started this and as it turns out, it's another modern mobage done in Vancouver. This is a weird one, though. By default, the game's audio is set to Japanese. You've first got to play through the prologue. Once you're done with that and are on the map screen, tap the character portrait in the upper left. Tap settings and switch voices to English. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, only the Japanese cast is credited.

Matthew - Cole Howard
Grenier - ??? (I feel like I know this but I'm drawing a blank)
Almeda - ???
Village Chief - ???
Gambino - ???
Elwin - Brad Swaile
General Bodamicus - ???
Holy Soldier - Brian Dobson
Caravan - Brian Dobson
Angelica - ???
Zerida - ??? (IMDB says this is Elysha Jackson. She's new to VO, so I dunno. Based on her Twitter, she has a role in The Dragon Prince as well.)
Royal Soldier - ???
King Stein - ???

Lance Kalxath - ???
Scott Salrath - ???

To hear the game's voice samples, tap the Hero icon from the map screen. Click the character you'd like to check, then hit details, bio and voice.

Digging around, this seems like a sketchy production. Apparently it was re-dubbed from its public beta? I didn't play that version, so I can't tell you if they had the same cast re-do their lines, or if they got new people involved.
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Default Re: Langrisser Mobile (Vancouver)

They've launched a Windows client if that's any more convenient for you guys.

This is really good news, because it means I can extract the audio files without having to dig through Android garbage.

Here's a handful:

Lushiris - https://youtu.be/m7ZDaELkNFI
Ledin - https://youtu.be/vr1cB5x9YKg
Leon - https://youtu.be/KLH3UA91NIk (Dobson, we've got Dobson here)
Bernhardt - https://youtu.be/BEcGTJuSXW8 (Dobson again?)
Lana - https://youtu.be/OslH2xtPk-Q (Caitlyn Bairstow's speaking voice)
Liana - https://youtu.be/VYmXpux1Q5Q (Caitlyn Bairstow's Suna)
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