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Default Re: "The Gravy Train"- I mean, "The Lion King" (July 2019)

Similarly to Aladdin this month, yesterday the house of mouse dropped... another teaser spot?
More on that later, Long Live the King:


Well, preaching to the choir and all, but I don't think the studio could market this as a shot for shot remake more if they tried. To think all it took for me to see that was to show nearly every shot from the opening to the original... ( ).

Furthermore, between this and the Aladdin spot, the fact that we're just months away from both films and all we've gotten is mood pieces for them (why no traditional trailers otherwise?), from where I sit they appear to be just aiming to wring out the nostalgic teat that keeps on teating.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to performances from Donald Glover's Simba, John Oliver's Zazu, John Kani's Rafiki, Chiwetel Ejiofor's Scar... and that's about it.

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