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Default Re: "Aladdoing It Again" (May 2019)

Entertainment Weekly says they're still working on the Genie's blue form.
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Default Re: "Aladdoing It Again" (May 2019)

The latest Aladdin 2019 teaser dropped yesterday, and... while its only a one minute special look and not much to go off of, I still don't have high hopes for this remake.

Okay, positives first. The cinematography appears to be the one consistent thing that these remakes get right. The shots of Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders look nearly identical to the original, the sets and costumes seem faithful whilst having shades of originality to them as well.

On the other hand, there is Jafar. His costume looks okay and all, but that voice... you know that one high school kid who really tries in school plays? Yeeeah... I honestly imagine Jemaine Clement as a decent live action Jafar. Having watched his roles in Rio and Moana, he clearly has a lot of sly charisma in his voice, plus an on screen presence in his resumé as well.

Will Smith as the Genie so far seems... better than Jafar. Though again its hard to judge with just one line. Aladdin and Jasmine (if that's her) say nothing so no comments there.

Also the colour palette. While it is better here than the first teaser, it still lacks the vibrancy of the original and that's certainly disappointing.

I would like to see one more proper reveal, a bit like the latest Dumbo trailer. Then maybe if it is more open and optimistic, I can at least go into this remake with a little more excitement. As of now however, uuuh... "Take my hand, boss." :/
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