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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts III

Nice to see the heartless have some cool variants and designs. Notably the boss looking heartless in Big Hero 6, Pirates and Toy Story world.

In a way I'm sort of hoping this is James Woods' final performance as Hades. Yes he's been a joy to listen to as the one and only voice of Disney's Hades for over 20 years, but James sounds very worn out to me in his latest appearances. What better way to go out then in (potentially) the last game in the series? If not, I'll eat my words and assume the man really is a god.

Also, I'm not a fan of the 'EPIC NARRATOR style' presentation of this trailer we see so often in films. I know it's one of the last trailers, KH2 had one as well Iirc, but I want to experience and get excited for a video game, not a film. It just feels tiring. Ah well, its a proven trailer hook so can't complain too much.

I'm not getting too excited, but KH3 is shaping up to look pretty awesome.
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts III

It's been a while since we'd last seen Gopher from "Pooh".

Here we go now, so what's the scenario?
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts III

Wow, Osment really surprised me with that scream. Very emotional. Nice to know he has bright spots in his performance.

Xehanort has a Latino accent. Hm.
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Post Re: Kingdom Hearts III

I'm aware people have seen this trailer but here it is for anyone that wants to watch it again.

So many emotions after watching this.

KINGDOM HEARTS III Final Battle Trailer
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts III

VO sounds a little better in the final trailer. Maybe I'm hallucinating though.

Xehanort is still weaksauce though.
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