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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Slam Dunk


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Default Let's Try This Again. Believe Me; It's Worth It.

The last post was kind of information overload, especially given that I was really only bringing it up for one reason:

Okay, actor Daveed Louza has both Slam Dunk and Air Master on his CV, as Aota in Slam Dunk and Roo-Cha in Air Master. Now, here's Roo-Cha from Air Master (clip). Let's reference that against Louza's commercial demo (clip). A clear match-up.

But why would I feel a need to doubt a role he listed on his own resume? Okay, here's a clip of the character Aota from Slam Dunk (clip). A clear non-match-up. Ironically, the second voice is shockingly reminiscent of John Guerrasio's, the actor victim to quite possibly the single biggest miscredit in film/TV history: being miscredited as the title character in the UK dub of the Space Adventure Cobra movie.

So why? Well, here's another clip from Slam Dunk--actually a scene featuring two characters: the un-ID'd actor as Aota and the great Robert Tinkler as his scene partner. Pay close attention to what disgusts Tinkler, the implications and specifics of what Aota is doing, and the misunderstanding that occurs immediately in the clip (clip).

Alright, Aota is actually played by Robert Norman Smith. That Robert Norman Smith. He's credited in the closing scroll (as Rob Smith), and it's a dead match to his Teisel Bonne (clip). Even those Alexander Keith's ads, with the thick accent, contains the same husky voice and very controlled ability to scream, yell and just raise his voice in general (clip).

Okay, so why the mix-up? I find it very hard to believe that Louza didn't record the part at some point. He's not credited in the closing scroll for any of the twenty released episodes, and I never heard his very distinctive voice anywhere--even in the walla, so I don't think it's just a case of having the wrong character name (not really any similar names in the episodes released either). Also, the Air Master and Slam Dunk credits, though just lists of names, appeared to credit every actor to me. Both show's credit scrolls also never change yet credit actors that don't appear until later volumes. In addition, Louza lists the director of Slam Dunk as Rob Kirkpatrick, despite Dan Hennessey being the only one credited for all the released episodes. Again, the cast scroll credits actors from future volumes, so it might not just be a case of Hennessey being the only one credited due to them being too cheap to update the credits.

Remember how I asked you to pay particular attention to certain things in that clip between Smith and Tinkler? Notice how uncomfortable the scene becomes now. Slam Dunk and Air Master almost got TV runs on a Canadian channel called Razer, even after they canceled the DVD releases. I saw someone somewhere (too lazy to look now--quite sure it was a ToonZone thread on the DVDs being canceled) reveal that they checked whatever database and determined that both Slam Dunk and Air Master received Canadian Content credits, so they were likely intended for broadcast from the very beginning. Toei's US offices up to that point were as Cloverway replacing DiC for Sailor Moon S and SuperS, so they were surely aware of the power of Can-Con credits (even if it was just because they inherited a Canadian dub that needed the cast to stay the same).

I'm kind of wondering if Toei wanted to re-record the part following his arrest. Granted, the credits don't specify who plays who, but his voice is very distinctive, and Canadian TV audiences would be very familiar with his hooting and hollering from the beer ads. Those were aired during the Canadian broadcast of at least one Super Bowl and were kind of a big deal. Searching it now, posts online from around the time they aired reveal an audience that was sick of the ads: a sure-sign as any that the ads were at least penetrating the consciousness in a big way. Perhaps Toei just didn't want to risk anything.

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Default Re: Let's Try This Again. Believe Me; It's Worth It.

I'd hesitate to try to imply Robert Norman Smith's arrest had anything to do with weird voice changes or the demise of this dub. He got charged in February 2006. Razer picked up Air Master for a June 30, 2005 debut that never happened. The channel eventually confirmed it wasn't going to air the series by that August. Presumably, because Toei had already decided the show was a lost cause. Because Toei was putting those shows out on a monthly basis, it's hard to know if what they released on DVD really represents all that was dubbed. I wouldn't be surprised if work was done on more that just never saw the light of day.

I can't actually find any evidence suggesting Razer was going to run Slam Dunk. Just Air Master. It's listed as a cancelled broadcast on Anime News Network's encyclopedia, but the source for that doesn't say it was going to air there.

Also, neither show was submitted to the CRTC for Cancon considerations. They almost certainly would've qualified for a 50% credit, but I guess no one bothered. The CRTC is relatively lenient on when you can submit that, so the paperwork didn't have to be filed in prior to any TV broadcast.
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