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Default Jump Force

Forget it Marvel, THIS is the most ambitious crossover in history! I honestly don't care that much about it TBH but I am wondering if they're will be a dub because if they get everyone to reprise than it'll be HUGE. Colleen Clinkenbeard, Brad Swaile, Brain Drummond, Malie Flanagan and Sean Schemmel in the same game? If it's going to happen than sign me up!

Although thinking realistically I doubt there will be a dub and if there is chances are not everyone will reprise but for now just let me dream.
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Default Re: Jump Force

Yeah, one of my first reactions to it was "Are they going to dub this?" Especially given that all the VA's involved would have to stretch across several dubbing pools.

I mean, I don't think there's a high chance of one given J-Stars wasn't dubbed and Bandai Namco's track record for dubbing anime games that aren't DBZ Or Naruto is pretty spotty.
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Default Re: Jump Force

A dub would be nice, but I shouldn't hold my breath. Nonetheless, this title has potential and was a highlight of Microsoft's show. Hope we get a whole range of characters spanning Shonen Jump's history.
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Default Re: Jump Force

I know there hasn't been any other characters announced yet but since the game will probably have a wide variety of Shonen Jump characters and the fact many of their shows have different dubbing studios, this will probably not get a dub.
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Shaun Ince
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Default Re: Jump Force

This game ain't getting a dub. If this crossover game was a proven success, then maybe you'd be onto something but nope. This was made by the same guys who did J Stars vs and that game didn't get a dub. So this one won't get a dub either.
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