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Default DC Super Hero Girls: Television Series

So since WB has been on a recent streak of rebooting recent shoes, I guess this may be the one poignant entity that we all might look forward to more than others.

I am a bit iffy that WB would immediately reboot DC Superhero Girls, then again I shouldn't be too surprised that they've been on a streak of rebooting their most recent cartoons; but anyway I think the artwork thus far looks pretty cool. Sort of an amalgamation of of the original Superhero Girls show and Super Best Friends Forever, and that's especially put to consideration Lauren Faust's involvement. In fact I'd say that while Lauren's involved as the lead producer and art director, the designs here are actually a step up from SBFF in terms of costumes, as well as overall coloring and facial detail. Wonder Woman (or possibly Wonder Girl) herself in particular looks notably tan here, which I find profound and amusing given she's an Amazon of Greek culture and Greeks are indeed olive skinned, and Supergirl doesn't quite look as thic as before but still has some notably beefy arms; and Batgirl... eh I miss the Black and Yellow, but I do like her facial expression here, notably less Spumco-esque

Bumblebee's design here looks cool, Jessica Cruz is okay, and Zatanna... engh not a fan of her color of hair, but it's good to have her none the less.

If the original show is getting replaced, then I will admit I may actually miss it, and again it's waaaay to soon for a full reboot (not that I can do anything about that anyway) but I still look forward to this just the same.

Hoping that Grey reprises as Wondie and hopefully the rest of the cast from the first show, if not I wouldn't mind Tara Strong playing Bats again; though I'd still prefer someone other than Nicole Sullivan as Supergirl. Heck maybe even a whole new cast of actors altogether.
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