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Default TMNT Premise

Here's my TMNT premise, all I'm doing while I work on Transformers.

Centuries Ago, a sensei Hamato Hiroshi founded a dojo where taught the
his students, the Hamato Clan, the ways of the ninja. His greatest
students were his son Hamato Yoshi and his rivial, Oroku Saki. Saki
was dishonorable, and sought to best Yoshi by any means necessary.
Yoshi discovered a plot by him and other students to murder his father
and use the dojo for their own dishonorable means. Sadly by the Yoshi
discovered the plot it was too late, and tragedy had struck. Yoshi
then dueled and defeated Saki, banishing him from the dojo, and the
Foot Clan was born. Shortly after he married a female student Ming-Wa,
and had a son. Living as outcasts in the forests of Japan, Saki and
his ninja discovered a strange huge round object coming down from the
sky, when it landed the warlord Krang emerged. After making a deal
that Saki would help Krang defeat the Utroms to prevent his exile to
Dimension X in exchange for revenge on Hamato Yoshi, they led an
attack on the dojo, but with help of the Utroms and The Guardians,
Krang was defeated. Hamato Yoshi then went to train with The Ancient
One, who told him he was destined to die in his next fight with Oroku
Saki. When the demon Tengu attacked, Saki killed and using special
magic stole it's power and used it to enslave Japan, slaughtering
anyone on his way, and massacring the students of the dojo, including
Ming-Wa. Yoshi then gave his life so his remaining students could
escape with his infant son, and he was raised by Yoshi's closet friend
Takeshi Sato, however The Ancient One preserved Yoshi's spirit in his
pet rat to watch oer his son, and his descendants for eternity .
Believing the Hamato clan wiped out Saki burned the dojo the ground,
and donned the name of The Shredder to install fear. He then used his
newfound powers and his knowledge of Krang's ship, The Technorome,
which had left foolishly abandoned in the woods of Japan, to rescue
Krang from his prison in Dimension X.

When Shredder discovered Yoshi's son survived he sent Foot ninja to
find and capture him so he could disgrace the Yoshi name, however by
the time he found Sato, the child was an adult, who had left Japan for
a life of his own. Shredder then set a new goal, eliminating all rival
clans to make the Foot Clan the dominant one, and slaughtered rival
ninja clans throughout Japan for centuries, till he left the Foot Clan
in Japan to establish an empire, leaving it to his son Yukio. Shredder
then encountered one of the last descendants of Hamato Yoshi in
present day New York City, and slaughtered him and his family as the
spirit of Hamato Yoshi hopelessly watched from his cage in his rat
body, and broke out in desperate attempt to save his master, ripping
off a portion of Shredder's face before being knocked to the ground,
referring to the scar as an "immortal splinter". Retreating to the
sewer, desperate for food and water, discovered discarded canisters
floating in the water, he opened one, then realized he couldn't drink
whatever it was, smashed it instead and a green substance spilled out,
curious on the contents of it, he went to get a closer look and
stepped right in the middle of it. He then noticed he was growing, day
after day, till he was the size of a human being, and discovered he
could not only walk on two legs like he once did, but that he regained
his ability to speak as well.

Recalling Shredder's remark, he took the name Splinter. He would sneak
up to the surface at night, obtain human clothes, as well as some of
his favorite things in his past lives, like a book on the Renaissance
his former master had read him, and various books on Ancient Japan,
and history and literature. One day he dressed up in his human clothes
and went for a walk on the surface pondering what fate could possibly
have in store for him now that he fully had a second chance at life.
He noticed a young boy emerging from a pet store carrying four baby
turtles in an aquarium, who was so excited he ran right into the
street, right into the path of two speeding trucks. He jumped into the
street to save the boy, but his aquarium went flying and broke, and
the four turtles went into the sewer. The first truck swerved and a
canister similar to the one he found fell put and also went into the
sewer. He then quickly retreated as a crowd approached, opening a
nearby manhole. He noticed the four turtles off to the side and that
the canister had spilled all over them. Knowing they would grow like
he did, he decided the legacy of the Hamato Clan would live on through
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