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Default Re: 10 Best Voice Directors of All Time

Originally Posted by Polyester Funk View Post
I don't really know that many voice directors(something I should pay more attention to since they assemble the actors), but from your list I know Wally Burr and Susan Blu. I've read how Wally was quite the taskmaster and not always the easiest guy to get along with while working, but he got some great performances on Transformers and GI Joe. I think that both shows had amazing casts. The original Transformers series had great voices and performances. I think that pretty much everybody was perfectly cast. And the addition of the celebs in the movie worked out great, too. And it could have gone badly.

Wait, duh, I know Andrea Romano since she does most of the DC Comics stuff. Batman had a fantastic cast. She gave us Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill who are so renowned for their roles. I've heard that Kevin actually wanted a different role, but Andrea told him: "It's called Batman, you'd be in every episode." She's done some interesting choices with seasoned pros and celebs who haven't done voice acting and usually makes it work. I haven't seen a lot of the DC animated films, though I read that most of the new ones aren't that great. I'm not putting the blame on her, she doesn't write the projects. There only so much you can do with acting if the overall story is bad.
Yes, Burr was a perfectionist, and most of his shows had perfect casting choices.

Yes, Andrea's casting choices in the 90's Batman cartoons (TAS, New Batman Adventures and Beyond) were quite inspired. However, I think they became sort of hit and miss when the 90's Superman cartoon came up (I'm not a big fan of Tim Daly's Superman). And yes, she shouldn't be blamed for it.

Originally Posted by pete View Post
Andrea Romano and Susan Blu come to mind, Colette Sunderman isn't bad either. Not sure on every voice director but whoever did Filmation, 4kids, FUNimation, Hanna-Barbera, and the Looney Tunes, and Disney shorts come to mind, cause the latter 3 created the most iconic cartoon characters of all time.
Ah, yes Collette Sunderman does an amazing job in some great cartoons like Duck Dodgers and some of the Tom & Jerry direct-to-video movies.

Originally Posted by Skullgrin140 View Post
I certainly name a couple of names, not 10 as I'm not too familiar with that many but the best I can list off are 5.

1. Jack Fletcher

One of the most underrated and overlooked voice directors in the business today, his direction work in video games like Final Fantasy X as well as Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor are examples of why Video Games can be considered art at times. Because Jack manages to make that so with his direction of the actors in the games he works on to give them the right performances needed to be iconic and memorable, it's the same with his anime work when he worked with Urban Vision and he did such a great job with choosing the right voices for each character and not leaving a single stone un-turned with trying to get the character sounding 100% right.

2. Wally Burr

What's needed to be said about Wally is that he was a perfectionist when it came to the cartoons he worked on in the 80's. Show's like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem etc would not be what they are without his involvement and pushing the talent he recruited to their limits and bring out their full potential and make something remembering for generations.

3. Steve Foster

I don't think Steve Foster get's nearly enough notice as he does, I have often noticed people are rather hateful towards his work when I actually think it's mixed in places. On the off hand he has directed products like Captain Harlock, Appleseed, Steel Angel Kurumi masterfully well that show the effort behind the direction to give good performances from the actors he directs. On the other hand with his work on things like Golgo 13 (with the slight miscasting of the lead role) it leaves alot to be desired, it's a shame Steve retired because his demonstrated effort at proper voice direction is what companies like Funimation need.

4. Susan Blu

Apart from her voice work I think Susan's directional work is a high point in her career that leaves a bigger impression on what she has done. Her direction on Beast Wars, Beast Machines, TMNT & Transformers Animated is excellently well done, especially since with shows like Beast Wars she worked in Vancouver to bring names like David Kaye, Scott Mcneil etc to the front and breath life into characters that were new to the franchise at the time that people instantly remember for the way they behaved and sounded.

5. Karl Willems

The Ocean Group have some wide variety of voice directors that bring something different to each show they work on, biggest one I can think of is names like Karl Willems. I'd say his involvement is why show's like Death Note, Cybersix, X-men Evolution, Escaflowne and many others is why they were big successes to some audiences when he recruited the right names in mind to create what he did.
Wait, Jack Fletcher, wasn't that the guy who directed the Spawn cartoon??? No wonder Shadow of Mordor has the same performance quality as that cartoon.

I've heard Foster has been quite reviled, but I don't think he's that bad.

Karl Willems is quite a good director, I've seen some of the things he's directed, and he does a top-notch job.
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