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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 9th April was the 5th edition of their campaign. This episode unfortunately does not have Scanlan as Sam Riegel was away. This episode did mark the intro for Ashley Johnson's character Pike, show casing her back story.

Critical Role Episode 5: The Trick about Falling

The embedded video player does have issues as there two overlays covering both the timeline and the controls. Although the video is playable, its not the best quality.

Highlights from this week are:

A toy replica of Castle Grayskull from He-Man is presented as it was kindly donated to Geek and Sundry.

No Scanlan, meaning there were no songs, no pelvic thrusts, no inspiration for Pike.

Travis wears t-shirt that reads "Muscle Wizards cast fist"

Clarotta (Clarence) has something to eat. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a sense of humour as he says "I hate puns!"

Most of the party members experience near death from a very heavy fall. Heavy battle with a lava pit.

Hashtag: #CastleGrayskull

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