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Default Re: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Originally Posted by TheVengeanceKnight View Post
- Yeah, Mysterio is totally the secret (?) Big Bad here. I mean, his whole gimmick is being a stage magician, which involves trickery and deception, so it makes sense that the filmmakers would try to trick the audience with his true allegiances for this movie, too.

I get the feeling Mysterio is going to be one of those villains where comic book fans will see his gimmicks coming and may be more disappointed with him, whilst causal Spidey film go-ers (like myself) won't know much about him and are likely to be more impressed by him. Of course, it all comes down to writing, characterisation and execution in the end, but previous knowledge aside I'm sure he'll be a fun villain.

I was a little unsure of Jake Gyllenhaal being cast at first, but then again he is a powerhouse actor and I'm certain will do great.
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