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Default Re: Spider-Man: Far From Home

I was gonna post a thread but you beat me to it, lol

Random thoughts:
- I like how this trailer seemed to emphasize on Spider-Man and his supporting cast, and even though Fury & Happy were in it they didn't beat you over the head with his presence, which was really, REALLY annoying with the marketing for Homecoming & Tony's presence there.
- Surprised that May is cool with Peter's Spider-Man escapades when the end of Homecoming suggested otherwise. Speaking of which, I hope we do get a flashback to her immediate reaction to that, like how in Daredevil Season 3 we got to see Karen's immediate reaction to Matt revealing himself as Daredevil, which The Defenders skipped.
- I've said it since Homecoming, Stark/Avengers Tower is gonna be the new Oscorp building.
- The suitcase says BFP...this is probably the most directly they acknowledged Uncle Ben in the MCU.
- I know they've said that Michelle isn't supposed to be a Mary Jane analog, but it's weird seeing her referred to as "MJ".
- 60s Spider-Man theme! I was never that enamored by that theme originally, but Giacchino's version of it in Homecoming was very cool.
- Yeah, Mysterio is totally the secret (?) Big Bad here. I mean, his whole gimmick is being a stage magician, which involves trickery and deception, so it makes sense that the filmmakers would try to trick the audience with his true allegiances for this movie, too.
- Showing Flash as a Spider-Man fanboy while insulting Peter was a great note to end the trailer on.
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