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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 27th April

Critical Role Episode 95 - One Year Later

"That's what we do" quote from Travis

Sam arrives with a god-like t-shirt of Matt's face

One year time skip

Grog was bored. Couldn't find Scanlan. Found on magical items. Went to Vasselheim. Gets a bear tatoo. Made a cup using Kevdak's skull. Defends his title against Kern the hammer. Took a mission from the Slayers take. Grog takes out a deck of many things to a hung-over person. Grog made someone into a lord.

"It was a f*cking year. Did you not think this was going to happen?" quote from Travis, to Laura

Pike joins with Grog in fighting in the crucible in Vasselheim. Teaches Grog how to read. Learns to be more stealthy. Checks on Willhand (Pike's grandfather). Fassbender has returned to owner. Sends money to family. Opens a bakery called Slayers cake. Scanlan couldn't be found.

Vex went to find the offspring of the Gray Render that she slayed. Builds a house. Taryon moves in. Becomes an embassador of Singorn for Whitestone. Bakery.

Vax goes to Zephra. Vax and Keyleth get tatoos. Went creature hunting with Grog. Couldn't find Scanlan. Went to Singorn with Vex to visit little sister.

Keyleth went on diplomacy visit to other Ashari tribes. Sets up defence system called Crisis orbs. Grows a new tree. Learning alchemy.

"Cervix" quote from Sam

Finally went to the theatre in the feywild

Percy actually works for Whitestone. Percy failed to make glasses. Makes a royal guard, the Rifleman of Whitestone. Trying to modernise the city, underground heating using steam.

Taryon building and working. Builds Doty 2.0, but only says "Tary". Upgraded his armour. Makes an earring. Makes himself a flying broom.

Laura with a dirty mind

Winter's crest coming up

Celebrating Winter's crest at Marquet

Cenokir at the fire plane and informed him about the burial of his wife's ashes. Percy commissions Cenokir a task.

What does Pike like about Taryon?

Sail to Marquet

Bay of gifts

"Shamone!" quote from Laura

"Vacations are my favourite terrain" quote from Taryon

Dalian's closet hotel

Quath (spelling?) the hotel manager?

Pike asks for free drinks

Taryon gives Vax a present

To the beach

Go pearl diving

Pike finds a sea cucumber

Grog's rage digging

Sand castle dice rolls

Vax takes Taryon's armour

"What do you mean Tary?" quote from Taryon

Vax hides Taryon's armour in Percy's room

Taryon summons 2 mastiffs to tarnish Percy's and Vex's room

Pike and Grog went their hair braided

Percy and Vex return to their room, destroyed, dog are mating

Epic backfire


Trinket chasing after Vax and pinned

Vax is peed on

Taryon is fine

Keyleth controls urine from the room outside

Hotel manager discovers the room

Mastiffs don't exist in Marquet

Vex visits Taryon

Doty cleans the room

Vacation over

Back to Whitestone

Grog shows Pike the deck of many things

Weeks go by

Keyleth visits the sun-tree

Meet the Trickfoots

Taking freebies at the Slayers Cake

At the Slayers Cake

Have the Trickfoot's heard of Scanlan?

Freshen up for dinner

Dinner with the Trickfoots

"Yes Grand Poobah" quote from the Chef

Protect Pike from the curse

Info about the curse

"You wanna a proper tour of these nuts" quote from Travis

The past of Willhand

One year in the story has past. Vox Machina do their individual things. Grog changing someone's life, an opening of a bakery, Doty 2.0. Vox Machina finally take a vacation, to the Bay of gifts in Marquet. This turns out into a brilliant beach resort episode as Vox Machina cause havoc, all thanks to Vax. Fast forward to present day and the Trickfoot family arrive in Whitestone to visit Pike. They receive freebies at the Slayers Cake bakery and even invited to dinner. Vox Machina learn of a curse that has haunted the Trickfoot family, possibly affecting Pike.
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