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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 13th April

Critical Role Episode 94 - Jugs And Rods


Escaped to Whitestone

Trinket wasn't healed properly

Doty's last transcription: "As I, Taryon Darrington, embark on a mission into the very depths of hell; I do so with no fear of hesitation. Oh this undertaking is fought with peril. I have a secret weapon; the no inferno monster or hell-hound can do defeat. I am flanked by the ferocious band of mercenaries known as Vox Machina. In the days since meeting this rag-tag company our relationship has blossomed. At first I was viewed as a suspicious outsider. Then as a gallant entrusted colleague and now have proven my mettle, accepted as a life long brother and full fledged teammate. No matter what we faced in the abyss my comrades would risk their lives for me, kill for me and I am 100% sure each would gladly his or her life to save mine. Loyalty like that you can't put a price on it. But if I had to I say that their friendship is worth about 200-10000 gold, which even to me is a relatively large amount of money. Their faith emboldens me. But its more than that, I've started to wonder, if I have so easily won the confidence of these battled harden titans; perhaps I am even more venerable, more impressive than I ever knew. Perhaps after this mission I should return home. Newly confident to confront my father once and for all. Maybe the time has come to complete my journey here and show my family that I am indeed worthy to carry the Darrington name. But first revenge, soon we will venture to where nightmares are born and its going to be fun fun fun. That's all for now Doty, as always correct my grammatical errors before you rest and go fetch my sleep and night shirt."

What is Taryon's sexual preference?

Tal'Dorei appear (minus Uriel) and Aasimar boys


Pike finds out that Vox Machina went to hell

What is Taryon's type?

Search for Taryon a mate (female)

Contest to win over the bar maid

"Jugs and Rods" quote from Taryon

Grog pick-up line 1

Taryon pick-up line 1

"I give you like alot of money, will you tell that guy over there that we had a sweet shag?" quote from Grog

Grog's requested favour

Girls tips in flirting

Taryon tries again

Shauna Roa (spelling?)

Contest ends in a draw

Taryon ticks off his bucket list of defeating a Goliath

Percy was awkward with girls in his past

Taryon's troubled past

Grog offers to take Taryon to a house of lady favours

Pike visits brothels

Trish the dish

Trish and T.D (Taryon) go for a walk in the moonlight

"Tell my story" quote from Taryon

Percy tries to scry on... Scanlan

Reverse whisper

Percy scries to find Scanlan

Grog and Pike wait for Taryon

Percy reveals to Vex that he scryed on Scanlan

Vax and Keyleth drunk

Cassandra is stuffing herself with cake and tea

Percy hires a private eye to watch Scanlan

Drunk adventures starring Grog and Pike

Details of Taryon's one night stand

"My body is a temple and I wouldn't sully it like that" quote from Taryon

Details of the Grey hunt

Vex meditates by the Sun tree

Trinket pops out into a tight space

Vex has a vision of the target

Vex and Gray Render battle


Vex returns

Prepare for time skip

Escaping hell, Vox Machina return to Whitestone. Unfortunately, Doty didn't make it leaving Taryon devastated with the loss of his best friend. Pike arrived at Whitestone where she meets Vox Machina. To resolve Taryon's loss, they propose that he should have a one night stand with a person in a tavern. A bar maid named Shana (spelling?) was the choice. To up the stakes, Grog competes against Taryon in winning the affections of Shana. The competition ends in a draw but Taryon did accomplish in beating a Goliath; to tick off a bucket list task. Shana, sensing the mood, uses her connections and manages to "help" Taryon out. Trisha (Trish the dish who is Whitestone's arm-wrestling champion) takes Taryon up to a room with his one night. Pike and Grog decided to stay in wait for Taryon. Next morning, Taryon returns. Sam Riegel was on comedic fire as he described Taryon's one night.

To earn the title of Mistress of the Grey hunt, Vex was tasked in taking out a random creature in the forest. She, with Trinket went to the sun tree where she mediated and saw a vision of the target. Going to the forest, Vex and Trinket battle against a Gray Render.

Matt drops a major bomb where he announces that there will be a time-skip of a year after the events of the Grey hunt. However, that won't happen next episode as this week's a special episode where Liam is DM and Matt is finally a player.
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