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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 6th April

Critical Role Episode 93 - Bats of out hell

Noelle Stevenson guests


"Vox Machina goes to hell" quote from Matt

Utugash uses telepathy

"We have a backup bear" quote from Sam

Taryon forms a window

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window

Bear and bear side by side

Bears talk

Bone devil

Trinket in a cage

Taryon throws acid at Utugash

Doty collapses

Vax does the Van-Damme splits

More devils with spears

"Good day to you sir. Do you know my father?" quote from Taryon

Taryon picks up the book from Doty

Keyleth turns into a fire giant and chokeslams Utugash



Tova's story

Prison guards have been called

Taryon wants to stay with Doty

Universal surrender

Doty is taken apart

Vox Machina dragged through the crowd

Ipkesh is in the crowd

A devil gives directions to Hotis

Turned to bats

Bats being chased

Marisha's clutch death saving dice throw

Percy shooting at Bone devils

Searching for Hotis

Chain Golem

Hotis is gone

Tova decides to stay to find her friends

Everyone plane shifts, apart from Tova

Action pack episode with thrills and spills. Vox Machina and Tova face off against Utugash, to complete a contract that was given to them. The battle itself had Bone Devils, spilling oil a cage and a brave sacrifice of Doty. After the long battle, Tova finished off Utugash. The prison guards immediately rushed to the scene, where Vox Machina willfully surrendered. During the transport to another part of the prison, Vox Machina were given a tip of the whereabouts of Hotis. Turning into bats they managed to find a growing Hotis. Grog delivers the final blow and now curse of Hotis the Rakshasa is gone. Tova makes the decision to stay to find her friends as Vox Machina plane shift back to Whitestone.
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