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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 30th March

Critical Role Episode 92 - Deals in the Dark

Liam on Skype

Sentient Advertising Mechanoid 5000

"The evil war mongers of Johnson & Johnson" quote from Sentient Advertising Mechanoid 5000

Liam announces that his father is 6 feet away


Keyleth turns into an Erinyes, dealing with a Chain-devil

Winning deal

Laura arrives late

Arm-wrestling starring Trinket and Doty

Trinket wins and pees on Taryon

Ipkesh's contract

Keyleth wants a piece from the prison

Grog punished for using too much brain power

Shopping for materials from prison

"Roll-out" quote from Keyleth

Grog tries new meat

Contract signed for Percy, to eliminate a Pit Fiend, Utugash

Vasa the Imp

Cooking boar meat

Vasa leads the way to the prison

Taryon makes a door

Noelle Stevenson as Tova, a female dwarf

"You guys were shopping, I get it" quote from Noelle

"Home chemistry set accident" quote from Tova

Attack the prison guard

Tova turns into a bear

"Grip it with my left hand so it feels different" quote from Sam

Doty takes down: "I am the vanquisher of souls"

Utugash the Pit Fiend

The Sentient Advertising Mechanoid 5000 time traveled from the future to tell us (plug for Lootcrate) about the upcoming dangers for the world. Since he mention the pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson; I'll have to keep an eye on them for any possible wars in the world.

The episode itself was centred around taking or not taking a contract from winged created named Ipkesh. The contract which included various pacts (missions), from assassination of a pit fiend named Utugash, install two devils in a place of worship or become bind to the scribe (Ipkesh) and as a result gain divine powers. It was decided that assassination of the pit fiend was the best option as it would also tie in with the assassination of Hotis. This is helped by an Imp named Vasa to guide them in the same prison that both Utugash and Hotis are in.

Venturing inside the prison, Vox Machina rescue a female dwarf named Tova (played by Noelle Stevenson), who agrees to help them. After taking out some prison guards, they reach Utugash.
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