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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 23rd March

Critical Role Episode 91 - Vox Machina go to Hell


No Sam


Keyleth was watched by spies

Lip reading by Vex

Devil culture

Doty takes down: "Be more careful about exclusivity in future contracts"

Talk about the future

Juicy bits of being titled

"Make Whitestone great again" quote from Percy

"Demon don't crack" quote from Matt

Whitney the Tiefling

Learning the Tiefling language

Ermahgerd translates as no in Infernal

Welcome to the City of Dis


Tieflings in disguise

Bone Devil

Pit fiend

In an Inn

Keyleth samples a soul stone

Hotis the Rakshasa slowly torturing itself back to physical form

Percy samples a soul stone


Freddy and Greg

Plan for taking out Hotis

No Sam Riegel so Matt had to Gundam pilot as Taryon Darrington, and in truth Matt was pretty good. The episode itself was venturing to the City of Dis. Unfortunately, Laura and Marisha used the "We built this city" by Starship as a joke for the city of Dis, which wore extremely thin. Kelyeth approached a tiefling named Whitney for some Infernal language lessons. Liam thought it would be funny to use the meme "ermahgerd" as a possible translated word for "no". Since Matt was making up the fictional language, he decided that ermahgerd is the word for no.

Arriving in the city of Dis disguised as tieflings, where they learned first hand the city is a terrible place. Vox Machina managed to find an Inn. Sampling soul stones, gathering information and locating Hotis the Rakshasa's. In typical Vox Machina fashion, coming up with a plan was a long winded affair and most likely not (for the most part) work.
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