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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 9th March 2017

Critical Role Episode 89 - Curious Tides

"How do I separate the gum from the others?" quote from Sam

"I'll be here for 5 hours, again" quote from Matt

"Don't you touch my donuts" quote from Laura, as she slaps Travis's hand


Raven Queen

Kraken tries to push through the portal


Doty has been pooed on

Doty princess carries Taryon


Revive Vax

Raven queen physically appears

Vax is alive

Lodestone given

Doty takes down: "Plagued by an incompetent plan, and ambushed by a surprise from a Kraken. We never the less stayed true to ourselves and to our bravery. Found the lodestone, and despite nearly dying came back to tell the tale, proving ourselves as heroes of Vesrah and to each other. I was aided by young Percival in my fight, abandoned by the antlers and the elves, and by the end of the fight it was just me and the big guy, duking it out. I blacked out for a moment, before I did I'm sure he saw my bravery and was impressed. That's why he dragged me to safety and presented me to Percival for healing"

Pike meets Taryon Darrington

Taryon back story with a musical troupe

Taryon kneels to Keyleth

Doty draws Taryon

Trinket pee's on Doty

What did the aramente teach?

Captain Adella

Shapechanging for Keyleth

Keyleth turns into a beholder, bronze dragon

Grog gives Taryon a Basilisk egg

Pikes asks Doty to draw people

Doty draws candid image of Vax and Keyleth and Percy and Vex

"I could the tell by the bone structure and the contempt" quote from Taryon

Naked picture of Grog

Mama Pike

"Vagina" quote from Taryon


"Fresh new set of six-pack abs" quote from Liam

Pike returns to Emon

Back to Emon

Back to Greyskull keep

Some staff of Greyskull are around

Library books about the Nine hells

Journal of Opash

Firstly, Sam Riegel risking his health for the spectacle that is the promo for Lootcrate. Secondly, Laura Bailey protection over her donuts. The episode itself turned into comedy gold. Started with the important revival of Vax. Ashley (Pike) did make an appearance as Vox Machina successfully revived the Raven Queen's champion. As the task of retrieving the lodestone from the Kraken, Keyleth succeeded in her aramente and rewarded with a new ability to shape-shift in various beasts.

Without a doubt the highlight of this episode is Taryon learning the names of the other members of Vox Machina, with Pike's guidance. Ashley and Sam made this scene comedy gold. Returning to Emon and to Greyskull keep, in preparation for the nine-hells, Vox Machina hit the books where they read about Opash the necromancer.
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