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Post Re: Daemon X Machina

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
I'll take Cup of Tea over Mortellaro anyday, but KZS is ABSOLUTELY the dream. Really disappointed NOA haven't gone with her more. I like Cup of Tea in theory but the last year of their dubs have not impressed me. It really feels like they've been spread thin by just how much they're doing because both their casting and direction have been really stale and underwhelming lately. It really says something when I can't tell some of their casts apart from Bang Zoom at a glance. Publishers need to switch it up more instead of hiring them for everything. Studiopolis, PCB, Formosa? You should never go into dubs knowing exactly what you're getting but that's what's been happening.

I want to know if it's Marvelous or Nintendo who made the call on the recording studio, because I'm extremely disappointed that Nintendo are riding higher than they have in a long time, but they consistently cheap out on their dubs and it shows. They've made more LA dubs than ever in the last ~2 years and Fire Emblem Echoes is like the only legitimately good one. I'm going to be super disappointed if Astral Chain is Yet Another COT Dub too, but it sure might be now that I listen to the trailer in English.

Time is a flat circle though. Sega's doing what Nintendon't!
I would also love for NOA to make use of Chris Borders. Especially as he uses many VAs who don't have as much roles or recognition as others have.
Yes, I love Cho Chang. Deal with it!

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