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Default Re: What recording stuff are you using?

I use a CADu37 microphone and Audacity to record and save my work.
Fairly simple and cost conscious.

I would highly recommend investing in a CADu37! It's a great mic! I bought it for my singing, which admittedly it's decent but not great for. It doesn't handle that kind of projection very well.
My voice acting endeavor, however, the CADu37 is doing an excellent job! And pretty cheap too for a microphone of it's caliber. (Roughly $50 bucks on amazon)
Audacity is a free program and actually pretty decent! I took Audio Production classes and got spoiled with ProTools and Cubase. I honestly didn't think that Audacity would toot my horn like it did.

So, that's what I'm workin' with. For those who were perhaps thinking about equipment, those two are a great way to get a great sound without breaking the bank!
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