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Default Re: Regarding voice compare comments

There have been times in the past when I've written really basic, boring comments that don't add much new to the discussion or say basically the same thing others have, but there can be different reasons for that depending on the occasion. There have been times when I really want to comment on something, but my level of mental clarity and/or energy is so crap that I couldn't articulate what I'm trying to say or make an interesting point to save my life, so I say something really subdued, short, and dull instead because I feel frustrated.

Or, I'm highly interested in the compare, or even emotional about it, and I might get too over-enthusiastic or even aggressive over it, and then embarrass myself. This fear that I might get too emotionally charged if I really get into it often leaves me feeling anxious and burned out while writing, and again, I'll settle for a bland comment, because I'm frustrated and sorta desperate to get over that mental block and just say something. Even if what I post leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

As you described, there have certainly been occasions when I've felt compelled to comment out of obligation when I don't care that much, or even when I hardly have any idea what I'm talking about... which is something I think I have mostly grown out of, but every now and then...

Anyway, that's just my perspective. Sometimes these things might happen because, in instances like mine, the commenter could just have a deficient mess of a brain, poor decision making skills, and goes through a bunch of stupid, overly complicated thought processes that make everything a lot harder than it needs to be.
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