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Default Re: Disney to Acquire 21st Century Fox

Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
In terms of quality of the movies, I'm not too concerned. Everytime Disney acquires a new property, people make predictions about how it is going to go through the Disneyfication, but that frankly has never happen. Disney isn't stupid, they can tell why something is successful (i.e. worth buying) and allow it to continue as usual once they have it. Both Marvel and Lucasfilm have been allowed to make their own creative decisions and be almost independent from Disney as a whole. Sure, everytime they do something that fans don't like, everyone blames Disney, but to date there has been no proven case of Disney actually pushing any serious demands on them. Not to mention, the content has been great. YMMV, but most of the best movies from Marvel came after Disney bought them and Star Wars has been doing great so far.
I think in this case there is legitimate cause for concern. X-Men isn't just some new property Disney is picking up. It's more likely than not going to be folded into an existing film universe and considering that Spider-Man Homecoming was very much an MCU style film we could see the same thing happen again. I'm not expecting a tragedy or anything, Homecoming is a perfectly fine movie, but I think we're running the risk of losing out on the possibility of more gambles like Logan or the first Deadpool.

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