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Default Re: Hunter x Hunter 2011

Well, it's now or never, if I let this thing sit on the back burner and let it eat away at my mind anymore I might go crazy. This was really hard for me to put together due to my frequent second-guessing myself and being extremely scatterbrained every other day, so I'm just going to put this thing out there.

Here's my Calgary and Vancouver dream cast! I didn't do every single character I could possibly think of, because that would be beyond tedious and I probably would have lost all motivation before I even finished, but all of the major players and even many of the notable side characters and minor ones are here. The order I listed these in is also inconsistent. At first I was just kinda thinking of listing them in order of the story arcs they appear in, but somewhere along the way I screwed that up in places. Oh well, I'm sure that's not a big deal.

Narrator – Chris Britton
Gon Freecs – Jillian Michaels
Killua Zoldyck – Ashleigh Ball
Leorio Paladikight - Jonathan Love or Ian James Corlett (Corlett as Leorio is BioZero216's idea.)
Kurapika - Cathy Weseluck
Hisoka - Brendan Hunter
Mito Freecs - Lalaina Lindbjerg (I think this was BioZero's idea.)
Gon's Great-Grandmother – Shirley Millner
Ging Freecs – Michael Adamthwaite
Cheadle Yorkshire – Kelly Sheridan
Botobai Gigante – Chris Britton
Pariston Hill – Brad Swaile
Isaac Netero - Richard Newman
Menchi - Carol-Anne Day
Satotz – Mike Shepherd
Pokkle – Matt Hill (BioZero's idea.)
Lippo – Roger Rhodes
Bodoro – Alec Willows (BioZero's suggestion.)
Bendot – Michael Daingerfield
Ponzu – Anna Cummer
Hanzo – Lucas Gilbertson
Tonpa – Don Brown
Majitani – Samuel Vincent
Light Nostrade – Dale Wilson
Neon Nostrade – Nicole Bouma
Biscuit Krueger – Maryke Hendrikse
Morel McCarnathy - Brian Dobson
Knov - Ted Cole
Knuckle Bine - Scott McNeil (CatsTuxedo gave me this idea.)
Shoot McMahon - Mark Hildreth
Palm Siberia – Nicole Oliver
Kite – Michael Kopsa or Michael Donovan (Kopsa was Autovolt's idea, and my favorite of the two.)
Mizuken (Kurapika's Master) – Michael Daingerfield
Wing – Roger Rhodes
Zushi - Saffron Henderson
Melody - Tabitha St. Germain
Zepile – Victor Atelevich
Baise - Rebecca Shoichet
Battera – Garry Chalk
Chrollo Lucilfer – Kirby Morrow (BioZero's idea.)
Feitan – Richard Ian Cox (BioZero's idea.)
Phinks – Adam Hunter
Machi – Venus Terzo
Franklin – Don Brown
Shalnark – Kathleen Barr
Uvogin – Mike Sheperd
Pakunoda – Lisa Ann Beley
Kortopi – Gabe Khouth
Nobunaga Hazama – Michael Dobson
Shizuku – Kristie Marsden
Bonolenov – Lee Tockar
Silva Zoldyck – Brian Drummond
Illumi Zoldyck - Alessandro Juliani
Kikyo Zoldyck – Ellen Kennedy
Zeno Zoldyck – Ron Halder (BioZero's idea.)
Kalluto Zoldyck – Brynna Drummond
Milluki Zoldyck – Aidan Drummond (Y'all see what I'm doing here? )
Alluka Zoldyck – Ashlyn Drummond
Gotoh – Paul Dobson
Tsubone – Patricia Drake
Tsezguerra – Mark Gibbon
Goreinu – Ty Olsson
Eeta and Elena - Jocelyne Loewen
Genthru – Brian Drummond
Razor – Ward Perry
Colt – Alistair Abell
Komugi – Chantal Strand
Meruem – Andrew Francis
Neferpitou – Shannon Chan-Kent (BioZero's idea.)
Shiapouf – Trevor Devall
Menthuthuyoupi – Dave Pettitt
Chimera Ant Queen – Colleen Wheeler (BioZero's idea.)
Welfin – Peter New
Leol / Hagya – Lee Tockar
Peggy – Chris Britton
Zazan – Janyse Jaud (BioZero's idea.)
Rammot – Collin Murdock
Brovada – Samuel Vincent
Flutter – Brian Dobson
Meleoron – Brian Drummond
Ikalgo – Terry Klassen
Reina – Andrea Libman
Koala – Scott McNeil
Hina / Hirin – Cathy Weseluck
Pike – Scott McNeil
Cheetu – Matthew Erickson


Alright guys, there you go. I actually managed to see a dream cast through to the end (except for some very, very minor characters). I may decide to come back and fill some of this in a little in the future, but I think I got everyone who leaves a lasting impression.

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