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Default Re: Hunter x Hunter 2011

It was recently announced that Viz will dub the series. That means there's a high chance of the California voice pool and a possible chance of the Canadian (like with "InuYasha" and "Death Note").

Here are some characters I either forgot to add or just couldn't think of VAs for.

Neferpitou: Either Sarah Ann Williams (California) or Andrea Libman (using the more psychotic tone she used as Pinky Pie in "Party of One") (Canada).
Shiapouf: Either Kieth Silverstien (California) or Alessandro Juliani (Canada).
Menthuthuyoupi: Either Fred Tatasciore (California) or Gary Chalke (using his Gutsman voice) (Canada).
Komugi: Either Wendee Lee (California) or Saffron Henderson (Canada).
Meleoron: Either Steve Blum (California) or Bryan Drummond (using his Ryuk voice) (Canada).
Colt: Either Todd Haberkorn (California) or Sam Vincent (Canada).
Cheetu: Either Bryce Pappenbrook (California) or Ian James Corlette (he's too much like Cheetor, and not just by species) (Canada).
Zazan: Either Erin Fitzgerald (California) or Tabitha St. Germaine (Canada).
Ikalgo: Either Dave Wittenberg (California) or Scott McNeil (using his Rattrap voice) (Canada).
Rammot: Either Liam O'Brien (California) or Kirby Morrow (Canada).
Netero: Either Steve Kramer (California) or Peter Kelamis (Canada).
Hanzo: Either Wally Wingert (California) or Terry Klassen (using his Eddy's Brother voice) (Canada).
Pokkle: Either Kyle Hebert (California) or Matt Hill (Canada).
Ponzu: Either Laura Bailey (California) or Kelly Metzger (Canada).
Morel: Either J.B. Blanc (California) or Gary Chalke (using his Optimus Primal voice) (Canada).
Knov: Either Derek Stephen Prince (California) or Ted Cole (Canada).
Knuckle: Either Kaiji Tang (California) or Andrew Toth (Canada).
Shoot: Either Dan Woren (California) or Bryan Drummond (using a less villainous version of his Zechs voice) (Canada).
Palm: Either Cristina Vee (California) or Sylvia Zaradic (Canada).
Silva: Either Travis Willingham (California) or Scott McNeil (using his Hoenhiem voice) (Canada).
Zeno: Either Paul St. Peter (California) or French Tickner (Canada).
Illumi: Either Johnny Yong Bosch (using his Adachi voice) (California) or David Hurwitz (Canada).
Kikyo: Either Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (California) or Colleen Wheeler (Canada).
Milluki: Either Robbie Rist (California) or Terry Klassen (using his Krillin voice) (Canada). If Tony Sampson didn't retire from voice acting, I would have picked him instead.
Kalluto: Either Kate Higgins (using her boy voice) (California) or Jillian Michaels (Canada).
Alluka: Either Erica Mendez (California) or Chiara Zanni (Canada).

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