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Default Richard Horvitz in Helluva Boss

As some of you may know, Vivienne Medrano (of Hazbin Hotel fame) did a pilot last November for a series set in the Hazbin universe called Helluva Boss, which starred Richard Steven Horvitz as one of the main characters, Moxie, along with a couple minor characters such as the bratty little boy.

Now, voice actors in the Hazbin franchise mainly consist of non-union actors such as anime actors and various YouTubers such as Ukinojoe, so Horvitz's appearance is a shock to me. I admit I don't know a lot about acting unions (though I have read though this post about SAG-AFTRA), but isn't Horvitz a union actor? Isn't it very difficult to get union actors in indie web series? It'd be one thing if this was just a brief guest appearance (like Maxwell Atoms' couple minor voice roles in Hazbin), but Horvitz does multiple voices here, including one of the leads.

Does anyone know how Vivienne was able to get Horvitz in this non-union web series?
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