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IMO some sounded ok when not going into the comedic parts of their characters. If Bill Rogers and Jimmy Zoppi go into Brock's pervert self and James's goofy self I'm surprised that didn't start another epileptic seizure lol. Not all were that bad. The voice work in "The Treasure Is All Mine" was horrendous but in "A Lean Green Team Rocket Machine" the vices were done pretty well. That's actually one of my favorite TCPi episodes since it focuses on the classic episodes. It has the Team Rocket song even though it was only the melody being played during the restaurant scene and "Team Rocket's Rockin" and almost had the original motto. That's how BW should have started to me. But no matter what Zoppi's Meowth alone could start another epileptic seizure. The need a VA who can sound like Maddi more instead of just doing a forced Broolkyn accent since Meowt never had an accent from the start.
Completely agree man. Pretty much everything you said is how I feel. lol.
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