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Default New York Marvel Voices

Well, I had the thought that, since many Marvel Superheroes reside in NYC, I'd make a cast in their same general location.

Feel free to donate requests because I won't give a LOT of superheroes.

Thor: Dan Green
Captain America: Sean Schemmel
The Hulk: Dan Green
Wolverine: Scottie Ray
Nick Fury: Marc Thompson
Spider-Man: Jason Griffith
Iron Man: Mike Pollock
She-Hulk: Caren Manuel
Black Widow: Erica Schroeder
Daredevil: David Wills
Blade: J.T. Ross
Ant-Man: Frank Frankson
Wasp: Amy Birnbaum
Silver Surfer: Wayne Grayson
Mr. Fantastic: Darren Dunstan
Invisible Woman: Karen Neill
Human Torch: Andrew Rannells
The Thing: Dan Green
Hawkeye: Ted Lewis
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