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Not sure why there would be. They've build a large community for themselves so good for them.

Have some of their users grabbed our 210x240 VA pics (when their pics are supposed to be 225x350)? Yes, but several wikia type sites have grabbed our pics too. Nothing to start a war over since we don't actually own those photos.

I'm actually a mod at MAL and still contribute from time to time. They know I also help out here and no one had a problem with it. Before I joined none of their staff cared about English VAs (main reason I was originally brought on board) though I also used to contribute to various other databases too (, imdb, voicechasers and animenewsnetwork) and not just for anime; I used to be a heavy TV junkie and film buff. Nice to see over time more users have contributed to filling out English VA credits and more dubs fans have have joined the community. IIRC there was a time when you'd be hanged just for discussing English voice acting on their forums. lol

Eventually I primarily focused on contributing here at BTVA since it was a new site and I liked the idea of building a database from scratch and having the option to verify roles while the other sites are basically an honesty system and some users will abuse that fact.

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