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Default Re: The Loud House - You Got the Wrong Dana (Maddie Taylor)

Originally Posted by Nightmare Crusher View Post
"Normally I don't do this, since I've been mostly ignored here. But here's hoping I'll be proven wrong."

1. That's not an excuse to ignore the rules.

2. You have not made a mistakes thread before this one. The posts you have made in this section are always in threads from other people and consist only of you making some tangentially related statement. If you feel they have been ignored that's probably because you haven't actually contributed anything of substance to these threads.

3. I'm glad you decided to use this forum properly. However, being indignant about something which is essentially a non-issue is not going to make anyone inclined to help you.

The Loud House is not my page. I have never worked on it and will leave any actual mistakes in the hands of the person in charge of it.
I'm sorry. I've tried to contribute anything and everything I can, but I felt heartbroken at the results. I'll explain better in a PM. This isn't the place for such ill matters.
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