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Default Re: Best-cast roles

Nolan North:
Nathan Drake - Uncharted
David - The Last of Us
Batman Arkham Origins - Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
Young Justice - Conner Kent/Superboy/Clark Kent/Superman
Assassin's Creed - Desmond Miles
Mafia II - Alberto Clemente
Even the Additional Voices he plays in Video Games, I absolutely love it!

Troy Baker:
Infamous: Second Son - Delsin Rowe
The Last of Us - Joel
Bioshock Infinite - Booker DeWitt
Generator Rex - Van Kleiss
Resident Evil 6 - Jake Mueller
Harley Quinn's Revenge - Tim Drake/Robin
Batman Arkham City - Tim Drake/Robin/Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Final Fantasy XIII - Snow Villiers

Mathew Mercer:
Resident Evil 6 - Leon S. Kennedy
Tales of Xillia - Alvin

Laura Bailey:
Resident Evil 6 - Helena Harper
Tales of Graces F - Cheria Barnes
Pretty much any Anime she is in, it's always a blast to here her voice!

There are so many it would take a lifetime for me to admire and appreciate every Voice Actor's voice in Video Game/Anime/Movie/TV Show/etc... But I know these are a few of my absolute favorites!
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