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Default Original Sailor Scouts as Sailor Animates?

I know this may be a long shot, but please hear me out:

We haven't heard much of the dub of the upcoming Sailor Moon Sailor Stars yet, but if there's anyone in my friend's list that's connected to the LA dub, I have a suggestion.

Again, this may be a long shot, but if how's about having the original dub cast of the Scouts voice Sailor Galaxia and her henchwomen

Here's what I can suggest:

Terri Hawkes as Sailor Galaxia
Liza Balkin* as Sailor Iron Mouse
Katie Griffin as Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Susan Roman as Sailor Lead Crow
Stephanie Morgenstern as Sailor Tin Nyanko

There. We have the ultimate ironic casting call (the original Sailor Scouts voicing the villains), the ultimate casting in-joke, and the opportunity for the original dub cast to complete the series they were a part of back in the day; coming in full circle. Not to mention giving them that one second chance they desired.

Now I ask you: am I crazy for thinking this?

*Why Liza Balkin? Sadly, the original dub voice of Sailor Mercury, Karen Bernstein, retired when the New Millennium came to be.
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