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Default Re: Gintama Ocean Dub

So I'm new to Gintama, I've only seen a handful of episodes, but this is a major bummer. I usually like heavily comedic stuff dubbed since jokes are easy to lose in translation and while I have not seen it, the Ocean dub seems pretty darn good. So... bummer.

Originally Posted by whyofbladez View Post
I'm in no way blaming the actors, but the voice directors and localizers are another story; one can attribute this to them mainly working on Spanish language dubs. This is a similar pattern shown in Ruben Arvizu-directed dubs such as "Genma Wars" and "Ah My Buddha" (where you can hear the likes of Wendee Lee, Bryce Papenbrook and Richard Epcar giving performances akin to "A.I.C.O."). There are differences in how dubs are approached in each language, applying any voice acting traditions used normally in another language isn't likely to work for another.
I can tell you the exact same thing happened to Dynasty Warriors 9 as well. So if you want more of this kind of acting in action...

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