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Default Re: "Battinson Begins" (2021)

Originally Posted by TheVengeanceKnight View Post
Both good castings. I personally would've preferred Andy Serkis as some villain role, but I'm sure he'll knock it out of the park as Alfred.

I wonder if they're going with classy gentleman Penguin, or a more grizzled take, a la the Arkhamverse? I could see Colin Farrell doing fantastically as either. And regarding his weight, they could always use a fatsuit or have Colin gain some weight naturally. And if not, seeing that bird mask from Telltale's version in live-action will be something, heh. Also, since at least two versions of Penguin had him doing an English accent, I wonder if they'll let Colin keep his native Irish one?
I'd be perfectly content with Colin using an accent for Penguin. I was hoping they'd go for an accented Penguin like in the Arkhamverse.
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