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Default Dragon Star Varnir

I'd like to take a look at a few games handled by New Generation Pictures, and I suppose the latest game is the best place to start. The past few years they've credited actors on Twitter, but it looks like they've stopped doing that unfortunately.

Confirmed roles (thanks Bill):

Bill Rogers - Jaiga + Darne
Ed Bosco - Zephy
Laura Post - Charlotta
Sarah Williams - Chiquita + Nyamo
Jad Saxton - Laponette
Erika Harlacher - Kanikano

Additionally Bill's instagram post confirms Jonathan Klein as the director

Now for unconfirmed characters:

Minessa - Lauren Landa?
Faria - ???

Monet - ???
Pio - Tara Sands?

Corberia - Tara Sands?
Ruby Eye - ???
Pharisaeus - Chris Smith
Sehrud - Xander Mobus
Durandol - Keith Silverstein

Zuba - ???
Cosettia - ???
Gran - ???

Conception, Mega Man 11, Demon Gaze II, God Wars, Dark Rose Valkyrie, and the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Street Fighter V would probably be good references in determining voice actors. Any ideas?
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