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Now Ninty had a good show, lots of gameplay shown off at a great pace. Could’ve gone for a couple more surprises, but the Direct was already packed and we got BotW 2 so I’m pretty happy.

DQ heroes and BK for Smash are great picks. I was grinning like a mad man throughout the whole Banjo reveal. Confirmation of the FE leaks and that the whole game won’t be at the high school is nice. Daemon x Machina and Astral Chain appeal to me and have solidified release dates. No Nore Heroes III is here, SD3 remake as well as the collection, LM3 looks pretty fun too. BotW sequel looks like it’ll add underground areas.

There are a few things missing though, what happened to Town, SMTV, and what was Retro working on before Prime 4?

Not the greatest E3 ever, but this ended things on a positive note.

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